Self Talk

Check out this interesting NPR article on self talk and the role it plays in body image. I am guilty of negative self talk and I’m sure that many of you struggle with it as well.

Read more to learn about the importance of positive self talk.


Make A Positive Mark

I believe that you are in charge of creating your life. I have always believed that it is your actions, intentions, and thoughts that make up the core of your life.

Every morning when I choose to wake up and go for a run or head to the gym I am shaping my life and who I am. What I never realized was how vital the role that others can play in making you better.

I still believe that the source of who I am comes from me and the choices I make but it is the people I have in my life that make things more special. Having people to share my life with is what makes it wonderful.

I have always had a strong core of people in my life who make me happy. My dad has been with me through every up and down and has always strived to make me laugh and smile. My family is truly a special part of my life that I would never give up. My friends teach me to be a better and kinder person every day and I am so thankful for them.

Recently I have met a boy who makes me feel so special and wonderful and much happier than I ever thought I could be. He is truly perfect to me and every moment I spend with him I become a better and stronger person.

What I am saying is that how you live your life should have an impact on others, and hopefully a positive one.