The Scale is Just a Number


I had a great chat with my sister yesterday about weight loss and health goals and she made a great point that made me rethink my current diet.

She told me that pounds don’t really matter, it is inches. I thought about this and realized that what I really want is to look better, not just be lighter. For me, I want more muscles and a more toned body overall, and, muscle weighs more than fat. So this morning when I stepped on the scale, I suddenly felt less invested in that number. Suddenly it seemed to click that how my clothes fit and how my body starts to change means less then the number on the scale.

This is an argument that has been all over social media for years, but has cropped upon my feed a lot lately. This one post talking about how you can weigh more but look smaller than you did at a lower weight. In fact Anna Victoria, a fitness blogger, says that the scale is not an accurate representation of your progress because it doesn’t explain how much fat versus muscle you have. Read her article here. I think these ladies are on to something.

The scale is just a number. Yes, sometimes it shows progress towards a goal, and sometimes it just shows excess water weight, or the fact that you need to go to the bathroom.

If you are fitter and healthier, you will feel it in your body, and a scale won’t always say the same thing. Focusing on the scale works really well for a lot of people, but for me, it often becomes a negative cycle that leaves me unhappy and upset.

Who else is thinking about ditching the scale?


Meal Prep 101

Any fellow meal preppers out there? Meal prep is the only way I can make it through the week on budget and healthily. I love spending time meal prepping on Sundays since I love to cook and I enjoy getting all my ducks in a row before diving into the week.

Since weekends can be so busy here are some tips I stick with to fitting in your meal prep.

  1. Prep your items that take the longest first, and in the interim fold laundry, go for a jog or start prepping other aspects of your meals.
  2. Cook your bases first so that everything else can be thrown on top. Some bases I use are spaghetti squash, brown rice, and sweet potato.
  3. Utilize your crockpot! By tossing delicious ingredients into the crockpot for a few hours, you can focus on other things like running errands, or grabbing lunch with a friend.

I follow these tips as often as I can, and this weekend I certainly did, by making a delicious spaghetti squash that I tossed in the oven right after I had thrown in a load of laundry. I love to multitask my chores, so that was perfect for me. Below is a photo of my finished spaghetti squash!


I also made a tasty turkey burger meat sauce to pair with my spaghetti squash base. I made enough for four meals and used 97% lean turkey burger. I am a huge fan of turkey burger and incorporate it into many of my meals, including salads! Check out the sauce below.


In addition to the spaghetti squash dish, I have been switching up my vegetables lately and have been loving it. Last week I made the tastiest brussel sprouts and yesterday my crowning glory was a delicious asparagus that was so tasty. The gorgeous asparagus appears below.


Lately I have used the following tips to try incorporating new vegetables:

  1. Buy something new that is on sale – that way if you don’t like it, it won’t feel like a waste.
  2. Do you follow any food Instagram pages? If so, gain inspiration there. I am a big fan of Inspiralized, I love all the things Ali Maffucci does with food.
  3. Ask your family or friends for their favorite recipes and give them a try. My friend Diane recommended a great way to make brussel sprouts that inspired me to make them myself – so yummy!

Food prepping brings me so much joy and keeps my waistline and wallet happy! Reach out for suggestions on what to make and how to fit meal prep into your schedule.



I could not help but share this link with all of you.

I am a runner.  Of all the things in my life, I take most pride in the fact that I am a runner.  Second to that, I take great pride in living and working in Boston and calling myself a Bostonian.

This video brings together two of my absolute favorite things, running and Boston.  It is a commercial dedicated to the Boston Marathon, and it begins with sound bytes from news coverage of the bombing and President Obama’s speech days later.  Further in is a voiceover saying, “This isn’t a sneaker commercial or a clothing commercial either, it’s a story about a city.”

This is such a moving and beautiful commercial about the resilience of Boston.  Please give it a look!  It is truly special and makes me even prouder to call this city my home.


15 Fitness Habits You Should Establish

I love this Women’s Health Magazine list of habits that you should establish in your 20s!  It is so refreshing and so accurate.  It is also nice to see that I am already doing quite a few things on this list.  I also need to incorporate a few of these into my life, like embracing the rest day!  I never like taking days off but I know it’ll be better for my body if I do.

Try to incorporate these habits into your routine in order to create a healthier lifestyle.

15 Fit Habits

5-Minute Workout for Fabulous Flab-Less Arms

I am not usually a big fan of workout videos, but I really liked this one. I am always trying to work on my arms and this workout from Shape Magazine online is a perfect fit for me!

I can’t wait to try it because not only does it look easy to complete, but also because it looks easily adaptable depending on skill level. I might add weights for an added challenge.

I’ll let you know how it goes!