Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Fitness


Lately one of the few things keeping me sane is exercising.

I have found that when all else has gone to hell that fitness is a constant. Fighting with your boyfriend? Pound the pavement with a run and get a release. Had a bad day at work? Hitting the gym can push those endorphins into hyper-speed. Exercising has a way of staying constant when all else has gone a little bit nutty.

I have found that sometimes what I truly need on a bad day is a run. Going out for a run changes my whole mood and perspective. Even a walk by myself can help me clear my mind and relax a bit. But squat jumps or a shaky sweat at the barre helps get the feelings out just as easily.

I’m extremely lucky to have a partner who understands this. He knows that I am the best version of myself after a sweat session and that I’m not myself when I can’t find time to workout. So for me, exercising has become such a consistent part of my life that I become anxious or down when I am without it. For many reasons this is great, it means that fitness has become such an important part of my life that it is ingrained in my routine. Unfortunately that also means that I am a chronic sufferer of exercise guilt.

When I miss a workout I don’t only feel less like myself, but I also beat myself up for skipping it or not being able to fit it in my schedule. I have worked hard to remind myself that rest days are useful, and that sometimes my body needs a break, but those negative thoughts creep in. Do any of you suffer from this?

For me, skipping a workout feels like a failure, but I am working diligently to retrain my brain that that is not the case. Life happens and there isn’t always time for a sweat session, and that is okay! It doesn’t change who you are as a person or seriously impact your overall health if you miss a run or a lifting session. Staying consistent and happy is what’s key, and sometimes that means allowing yourself to miss that barre class or that long run. Do what is best for you and you will start to feel great!


Finding Your Fit

After a few weeks of barre classes, I have to admit that I think I have fallen in love. The last few days I have been unable to make it to a class because of some personal life events that kept me out of the studio. Much to my surprise I have found myself craving barre and truly missing it after just a few days.

Especially now that summer has struck Boston, the hot weather makes me want to avoid long runs and instead head to the studio. I still want to make running a major part of my workout routine, but I am trying to stay open to the idea that barre could take first fiddle.

It is very interesting seeing my fit-life change and progress as I try new things. I plan on switching up my runs and incorporating more hill-work, as well as signing up for a new race to motivate me.

It feels good to be making progress towards my goals and feeling changes in my body. Health and fitness feels so great and I’m so happy I’m committed to it.


I hope that you all enjoy my blog and what it brings to your life! But, in an effort to spice things up I will be adding a section called Fit Profiles.

The Fit Profiles section will include interviews with some of my favorite fit people! My goal is to interview fit persons who I look up to, find inspiring, or who I think have an interesting approach to their fitness goals and healthy lifestyle. I’ll be interviewing them and writing a profile about them and how they lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Keep your eyes open for these articles!