Workout Fears


*This photo is of me after finishing my third half marathon. I ran for a charity, which added another level of stress to my training, but I am so glad I jumped in and did it!*


Let’s get real about workout fears, we all have them and we are all limited by them.

I let my workout fears keep me from achieving my fitness goals and my happiness goals. My main workout fear is that I am not good enough. That sentiment keeps me away from trying many new workouts, classes, and groups. I am afraid that people will look at me and think that I am not thin enough or fit enough to do certain workouts.

Let’s face it, no one else is there to critique you but you. No one comes to a class to look at you and think that you aren’t fit enough or that you look a little chunky in the middle. Only you see those glaring flaws, others don’t look that closely.

I am a perfectionist so I want to be the best at things. I think that is why I keep running half marathons and why running has become such a staple in my life. I am good at running, I like running, and so I stick with it. But I know that for better health and fitness that I need to vary my workouts.

So remember these tricks if you are feeling inferior or afraid of new workouts.

  1. You are your toughest critic – be nice to yourself.
  2. You’ll never grow if you don’t try something new.
  3. Love yourself enough to give it a shot!

Just dive in and believe in yourself! There will always be an excuse not to do something, so stop making excuses and lead your best life.


Get me to the Barre!



This morning I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and attended a barre class. I found a studio that was just a short walk from my house and dove in after finding out that I could try a class for free.

I was very nervous. I don’t really like to foray outside of running because for one, I like running and I am good at it. I don’t like to do things I am not good at (I know how bad that is, it is not my best quality by far), and because in group classes I often compare myself to others. Comparing myself to others has led to a lot of disappointment, sadness, and anger towards myself in the past so I try to steer clear of those situations. But I wanted to try something new and face my fear head on, really push myself out of my comfort zone so I booked the class last night and got up bright and early to go.

The class took place at The Energy Barre in Medford, MA. The studio is inside of a spa and the calming scents of essential oils really helped my nerves as I walked in. When I entered the class I was nervous, but excited to try something new.

I did compare myself to the girls in the class. They were extremely fit, muscular, and they all looked gorgeous at six a.m., I cannot say the same for myself. I had bedhead and I sweat like a pig during any workout so I knew I was in for a treat. I also made the mistake of being in the front of the class because I didn’t know the front from the back. But it was actually really helpful because I was able to look right at the instructor and get a better sense of what I should be doing.

Long story short, the class was hard, but super fun! I enjoyed the exercises, the environment, and the instructor. Barre was unlike anything I’d ever done before and I really loved it. It put me in a great mood for the day and I felt so recharged and happy at the end of the class.

My muscles were shivering and quaking throughout the class, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was a great strength workout that had me sweating, breathing heavy, and begging for the sets to end but during my walk home I realized that I couldn’t wait to go back.

I really encourage you to go out and try new things. I was nervous about trying barre because of the perception of the people who do it. I am not long and lean. I have a big booty, a belly, and curves that won’t quit. It made me feel good to get in the studio and change my habits and push away the nagging fears I get during group classes that I am not good enough. I have wanted to take a barre class for ages and I resisted because I was afraid. Don’t let fear or insecurities hold you back, just go out and live!

*The pic at the top is a sweaty me after an amazing class! It doesn’t look like it but I had fun.

Brooks Ghost 9 Review



It would have been easy to put fitness on the sidelines this Memorial Day Weekend, but instead I made it a priority to work out every day of the long weekend. The perfect motivation came on Friday when my new running sneakers arrived in the mail.

I am a monster and usually wait far too long to get new sneakers. There are many reasons that I run my sneakers into the ground (literally) before getting new ones. For one, I am a girl on a budget and I typically cannot afford new $80-$120 sneakers every month. But I knew that it was time for some new ones since my old Brooks Launch 3 sneakers had no tread left in the heel (yes, I will admit that I am a heel striker), and wearing them was hurting my feet, ankles, and knees.

I went to a sporting goods store and tried on a variety of Brooks sneakers before ordering them online at a better price. I switched to Brooks about three years ago after suffering from a stress fracture in my foot while running in Nike Air sneakers. At the time I was a college athlete and the athletic trainer told me that Nike’s are the worst shoes to run in, they are stylish but the worst shoes for your feet. You will never catch me working out in Nike shoes, but I own a few pairs that are cute and nice to walk around in.

Brooks were recommended by my college athletic trainer and I have never looked back. What I love most about Brooks is that they have many styles that support my high arch. I have an extremely high arch and am a heel striker, so I need a shoe that can support me. I am also an avid runner and just completed my fourth half marathon, so it was time for new shoes. I had owned two pairs of Brooks Launch 3 before I decided to switch to the Brooks Ghost 9.

Reasons I chose Ghost 9:

Support for high arches

Heavier shoe for stability

More cushion for striking

Cute colors

Great design

I have completed three runs and one beach circuit workout in these sneakers and so far I love the fit. I think that my body is still assimilating to them after the lack of support I had in my sneakers after running them into the ground, but overall I am loving them. The shoe is breathable, flexible, and extremely stable. I like that they help me glide through my run and look cute while I do it.

I would highly recommend these shoes. If you are searching for a great sneaker, head to the Brooks website and take the Shoe Finder Quiz. This was extremely helpful in figuring out what my sneaker needs are and why.

I hope that this was helpful and gave you some insights into why finding the right sneaker for you can change your whole workout and fitness experience.

I’m Back!



I’ve been away from this blog for over a year now, and it feels like it is time to revisit why I started and why it is a good idea to return.

This blog began when I started falling in love with fitness. My journey with heath had just begun when this blog started and I used it as a tool to share my love of running and as a way to be held accountable for my workouts. I fell in love with the blog and with fitness and health.

It felt amazing to share my voice and love for this part of my life. This blog is where I first publicly shared my challenges with disordered eating and where I plan to share more challenges. Now feels like the right time to come back because while I have a beautiful life that I am so grateful to have, I struggle with depression. I want to share my journey with others who may be struggling or who try to find an outlet through health and fitness.

My passion for fitness, health, life, and love has only grown over the last year and I am excited to start sharing it with you all again!