We Know

We know.

We know what is good for us and what hurts us.  We know the people who belong in our lives and who don’t.  We know what we think and how we feel.  We know who we love and we know how to love ourselves.   Within all of us, we know.

The problem is, that life makes us confused about what we know, and we don’t know.  What society tells us to look like confuses us on the path to loving our bodies and ourselves.  We know that we are beautiful, we know that we were born this way, and yet we allow ourselves to get caught up in the confusion.

It is the same way with food.  We know that carrots and apples and nuts are better for us than chips and french fries and ice cream, but it doesn’t always seem that way.  The way that unhealthy foods are portrayed to us is that they are tasty and good and wonderful and yet we know that they hurt our bodies.

We know.  We know the people who bring us higher and the people who pull us down.  We know how to lead our lives in such a way that only happiness will surround us, and yet we get caught up in the minutia.

So take a minute and just let yourself know.  Know that you are beautiful. Know that you get to create your own life.  Know that you are in charge of your happiness.  Look into your heart, and just know, know what is true and important and real, and every day will be a better day than the one before.


15 Fitness Habits You Should Establish

I love this Women’s Health Magazine list of habits that you should establish in your 20s!  It is so refreshing and so accurate.  It is also nice to see that I am already doing quite a few things on this list.  I also need to incorporate a few of these into my life, like embracing the rest day!  I never like taking days off but I know it’ll be better for my body if I do.

Try to incorporate these habits into your routine in order to create a healthier lifestyle.

15 Fit Habits

Be Better

Every day I try to find new ways to make things right.  Every day I try to undo some of the damage I’ve done.  Every time I go to the gym I do so in an effort to undo the damage I’ve done to my body for years and which I still continue to do.  I do it to love my body for a change, rather than to hate it.  I do it because I need to embrace the love I have for myself instead of the hate that used to drive my actions.

Every day I fight to better myself.  Every sprint interval brings me one step closer to being a faster, fitter, better individual.  Every plank not only makes me physically stronger but also mentally, I learn to fight my mind, my doubts, my fears.  I learn to fight the hate that I have for my body and instead feel love.

I want to love.  Every day I want to love.  I want to love my body and my life and myself and I don’t want to succumb to the doubts or the fears or the hatred.

I want to be better than my 16-year-old self who looked in the mirror every day and hated herself.  I want to be better than hatred, I want to be love.  I want to grab love and surround myself in it, and be it.  I want to love because it makes me better, I want to be better and braver and stronger, and more in love with my life.

You aren’t living if you aren’t trying to be better.  You aren’t working hard enough if you’re not pushing yourself to be the best person you can be.  You have to want to be better.  You have to want to be better than you’ve ever been, better than you could ever dream of being, you have to be trying to be stunningly, beautifully, and breathtakingly better.

Act. Act Loudly.

Your actions speak louder than your words.  Every single day we make choices to do something.  We choose to go to the gym and workout.  We choose to go to that restaurant and eat that salad.  We choose to go out with that friend and have drinks.  We choose to lead our lives and in doing so we create actions that speak to who we are.

How we approach others when walking down the street is an action.  An action that conveys to others who we are.  If you stop to pick up the dropped bottle, of a child in a stroller ahead of you, that says something.  If you smile at the old couple walking, slowly along, holding hands, then that says something about you.  Every single action in our lives says something about us.

We have the ability to say things that make people believe things about us.  We have power over them in that way, but nothing conveys who we are, more clearly, than our actions.

So act.  Do something today, or tomorrow, or the next day that shows who you really are.  Go to the gym and have an absolutely wonderful workout.  Go and volunteer at a school or a hospital or anywhere.  Go and do something.  Go and do something that makes you happy.  Listen to music, dance, smile, love, live.  Go and act, and act so loudly because your words mean nothing compared to what your actions say.

Find It

I never feel more at peace then when I am running.  When I am running, the whole world goes away.  When I am running there are no classes to attend or papers to write or bills to pay.  When I am running, there is only me.  When I am running, life slows down and adjusts to my pace.

Today while on the treadmill I felt joy.  I felt pure, heartfelt, calming joy.  I felt happy.  It made me feel good to be running along at 7.2 mph only to crank it up to 9mph for a lovely, breath-taking sprint session.  I live for the sprints.

Don’t get me wrong, I love jogging.  I love peacefully running along, keeping time with my body and my heart.  I love how it makes me feel, like I am the steadiest most solid person in the world.  But when I sprint, when I sprint I feel it.  I feel that sensation of being alive.  I feel that gasp for air and that rush of emotion, I feel life.

When I’m sprinting, it feels like all the other beautiful moments in my life.  When I sprint I feel how we feel at our highest moments.  When I sprint I feel proud, like how I felt on graduation day.  When I sprint I feel strong, like how I felt my first day of college.  When I sprint I feel passion, like how I feel during a really great kiss.  When I sprint I feel all the great things about being alive at once.

When I sprint, when I just let my body go and push myself to the limit, I feel free.  I love how that feels.  I love how it feels when I get to workout and just be myself and feel love and joy and happiness.  I love that.

So go find that.  Find that thing that makes you feel free.  Find that thing that makes you feel alive and full and special.  Find that thing that makes you feel like you, and you won’t regret it for a single moment of your life.  In fact, you’ll be addicted and you’ll do it every day, because pretty soon, it’ll define you, it’ll make you, who you are.  So go find it.

You Only Live Once

I am sure that the term “YOLO” is not foreign to you.  The phrase, which stands for “you only live once” has been spreading like wildfire.  It has allowed for people to do foolish things and act crazy, all in the name of only having one life.  I, personally, have come to abhor the phrase, but today, while riding an elevator with a guy who I have the biggest crush on and who I would easily describe as the perfect man, I realized that I only live once.

I only get one life.  I only get to live once.  I only get the chance to live deliberately, and love ardently once.  I only get the chance to create a beautiful life once, so I better make it the most spectacular life I’ve ever witnessed.

We only get one shot to say all the things we want to say.  We only get once chance to love all the people we want to love.  We only get one chance to run all the miles we want to run.  We only get one chance to eat all the beautiful, healthful food in the world.  We only get one chance.  One.  So make it beautiful.

Ask out that boy who warms your heart every, single time you see him.  Travel all over the place while you still have the chance.  Visit the places you want to visit, run the miles you want to run, dance the dances you want to dance, live the life you want to live.

Live, live, live, live.  You only get to live once, so just live.  Live deliberately, love fully, and don’t waste a second of your life doing something you don’t love.  You only live once, but if you do it right, once will always be enough.