The Trick to Destressing

I have always been a worry-wart. I am notorious for being stressed out, for crying in public, and for excessive worry over minute details. I get it from my mother. She once worried her way into a stomach ulcer which I can definitely understand because she is worse than me.

But, with graduation looming, and the big dark cloud of uncertainty about finding a post-graduate full time job on the horizon, it is practically stress season. I’m about one serious happening away from nervous puking. With so much on my plate, I have really let stress take over everything.

I let stress seep into my relationships, fighting with my boyfriend because I am upset over something else, neglecting friendships because I am too fearful of not filling out enough job applications or not putting in enough time on my job search, and, worst of all I have been neglecting my body. While I still workout daily and follow a decent diet, I have internalized all my stress and it left me sick, very sick.

This past week I had what can be described as the worst cold of all time. Complete with fever, swollen lymph nodes, and more painful canker sores on my tongue than any human deserves. I am still fighting off the canker sores, and realizing, that health needs to come first.

The quote is “we forget how important our health is until we don’t have it.” Well, simply, don’t forget about it. It is so important to focus on being well, on treating your body well, and feeling good. Nothing is worse than being sick, especially when you are jam packed with things to do, meetings to go to, and workouts to finish. So I have compiled five easy tips for combatting stress.

  1. Write it down.

Before bed, write down five things you are thankful for from your day. They can be little, I am thankful my dad called today, that I got to leave work early, that my team won, or they can be big, I am thankful I have such a supportive family, a wonderful boyfriend, a body that works. No matter what it is, these things will ease your mind and calm you before laying your head down. Don’t stay up all night dwelling on the bad, instead take a minute to focus on the good and suddenly you will gain perspective.

  1. Go out.

It is really easy to decline plans from friends and instead stay in and dwell on all the scary things going on. But, your mental health will be so much better if you spend time with your friends. Go out, have fun, and refocus for the next day. Talk to your friends about your fears and let them help you, don’t hide away and try to do it all yourself.

Working out will be your biggest release from all that stress. Get in some cardio to really help you expression your frustrations and fears. Plus, feeling like you are bettering yourself will make you feel stronger and more confident in what you do.

If you have a really bad day, a really enormously awful, cry in the bathroom, sob in public day, then treat-YO-self. Have an ice cream cone, that Starbucks drink that costs $17 dollars and has 17,000 calories, eat a bag of chips. Let yourself indulge once in a while to help calm the crazy. I don’t suggesting dieting during high stress times in your life for obvious reasons.

  1. Stay hopeful.

Life can throw us some serious curves. We don’t get the job we want, we breakup with the person we thought we were going to marry, we fail a class we thought were going to ace, it can come in many different ways. When these things happen, remember that everything happens for a reason. When one door closes another one opens, so stay hopeful and be optimistic about all that your future has to offer. You are AMAZING after all.

Hopefully these tips will help you de-stress and stay calm! Remember, health comes first, mental, emotional, and physical.