Finding Time For You


This morning I woke up late for my morning run. I didn’t have nearly enough time to complete the run that I wanted without potentially being late for work. But before submitting to the fact that I would miss a workout today I took a second and thought, what is more important, my mental well-being or being 10 minutes late to work?

I grabbed my sneakers and headed out the door. It was a beautiful morning for a run and logging those morning miles made me feel centered and ready to start the day.

I rolled into work about 12 minutes late, but I was happy knowing that I had taken care of myself first.

Putting yourself first is vital to leading a happy and healthy life. It has taken me a long time to adapt to this mindset, but now I can’t imagine living without it. Every choice you make in life, every decision, and interaction starts with you. If you aren’t taking care of yourself and taking time for yourself, then all aspects of your life will suffer.

Here are some ways I make time for myself and take care of myself:

  1. Have a “me-night” where I watch whatever TV shows or movies I want as well as doing any other activities I like. Sometimes I will write, or read a book, or go for a walk.
  2. Make time for workouts. They keep me sane and I need them desperately to function.
  3. Unplug during a lunchtime walk. No texts, calls, or Facebook scrolling, just you time.

Try these tips to improve your health, happiness, and life!


Just a Reminder


I wanted to share this today because I needed this reminder and I’m sure that many others do as well.

Our weight does not define us. The way that people love us is not contingent on the size of our thighs or our pant sizes. The way that we love ourselves shouldn’t be either.

I read an article recently that bashed the body positive movement because, as the article said, that it promoted an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. I have had a hard time wrapping my brain around their thoughts and my own opinion on the subject, but I am going to do my best now to share how I feel.

I think that people are trying to put too much responsibility on the shoulders of body positive advocates. A plus size model should be allowed to tell her followers to love every curve, every jiggle, and every piece of their body without in the same breath having to say, “but you should also exercise and eat well.” I think that is what many people expect and I don’t think it is their job and they shouldn’t have to do it.

I believe that health and fitness is vital to a happy life. MY life is vastly better when I workout consistently and eat well, but I am not going to preach that to someone who is scared and uncomfortable with their body. What that article didn’t understand is that sometimes you have to love yourself first before you can take care of yourself.

Sometimes you need to accept your curves and love the skin you’re in before you decide to try that barre class or go to Zumba or head out and run a mile. It is a lot easier to say fuck the haters in a fitness class when you love yourself and are feeling yourself then if you are told to be embarrassed and ashamed of your body by society.

My whole life I have hated my body because that is what society told me. That is what the bullies in my upbringing told me. I was surrounded by a loving and supportive family, and still I hated myself. I had an eating disorder and still didn’t feel thin enough, I still didn’t feel good enough.

No one should have to feel like that. I repeat, NO ONE.

No woman, man, or person should have to make the decision that they can only love themselves if they are exercising or eating well. No one should be telling body positive advocates that they aren’t doing enough, because they are doing more now than ever before. We are making strides so that EVERY woman can openly love herself and not just those who workout and eat clean.

Body positivity isn’t an excuse for obesity, it is about loving yourself, accepting who you are, and doing with that what you will. Loving myself means I wake up early and workout because for me, loving myself means making time for fitness. The key word is me. What is love for me might not be for you, and no one else should tell you how you are allowed to show love to yourself, no one but you.

So go ahead and show yourself a little love today.

Food Prep Fun!

This week I went about my food prep a little differently, and it was a lot of fun!

For once I actually prepped breakfast. Typically I just throw oatmeal in a baggie and some fruit and call it a day, but this week I made Zoodle Egg Nests and they came out great.

I love eggs. It is one of the (slightly) weird things about me. I’d be happy to have eggs for dinner almost every night and still be able to wake-up and eat them for breakfast. For me, they are simple and delicious and so easy to make that I cannot seem to stay away from them. This week I took my egg obsession to a different level with the Zoodle Nests.

Creating something new felt fun, and I was enjoying tossing the zoodles, tomatoes, eggs, and Parmesan cheese in a dish to be mixed up and popped into muffin tins. The result after 20 minutes in the oven and a little spillage on the bottom of the oven? Delicious egg muffins that had veggies in them!

I added pepper to the egg to give them more flavor and it came through really nicely. Tomorrow I might try them with a touch of hot sauce, but overall I really enjoyed them. They made for a great breakfast at my desk with a side of fruit.


What new recipes have you tried lately that were a hit?

Love Yourself

I needed a little inspiration today to love myself and look at myself in the mirror kindly. Everyone has bad days and sometimes my old insecurities and demons sneak in and try to take hold. So on those days I try to remember why I should love myself.

For me, sometimes that means looking at quotes about loving yourself and just soaking them in. It doesn’t solve my problems but it does help make me feel better.

A simple google is all I did and I was able to check out a lot of helpful quotes that resonated with me. Here they are.

love yourself

Seeing Progress

Lately I have been able to see progress in my arms, and it is the best feeling! All of the barre classes and additional lifting workouts seem to be making a difference and I couldn’t be happier.

I have always wanted toned arms. I used to hate the way that my arms looked in pictures and I always craved that toned look. It has taken a lot of hard work to finally get those muscles to peek out and it makes me feel more confident. It also makes me want to keep working until they look even more toned and stronger.

Progress definitely makes the journey feel easier, but it is still hard to stick to clean eating and a solid workout routine outside of my normal running workouts. I have started running less and attending more barre classes which has given me results and made me feel pretty great too.

I still love running and still incorporate it into my routine since it is such a great release for me, but I don’t let it control my life anymore. This morning I was exhausted when I woke up, and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. If I didn’t have a barre class scheduled, then I guarantee I would have slept in and skipped a workout that morning. Instead I dragged myself out of bed and went to barre and it was a total kick-ass workout. I was drenched at the end and the challenge was a great way to start the day.

I want to keep working towards progress because it makes me feel good, but I also want to focus on loving life and living my life with a health balance of progress and actively living my life. I want my life to be focused on more than just gains and pounds, I want it to be focused on living and loving life.

Stop Playing the Comparison Game

I will admit it, I am a chronic player of the comparison game. Anyone with a heartbeat is fair game for me to compare myself to. Whether it is their outfit, their personality, their makeup, and especially their body, I cannot help but compare myself to others. It is what brings me the greatest amount of stress and pain in my life. Comparing myself to others is the reason why I feel disappointed with my body and myself.

I will look it another woman and see a flatter stomach or better arms and cuter hair and find myself worthless and useless. I use those comparisons to bring myself down. I hurt myself over and over again with these comparisons and it needs to stop.IMG_2716

You are you uniquely you. You have traits and features that others would kill for and that makes those around you love you, so embrace them. Why be someone else when you can be yourself. I try to remind myself of these things every time I play the comparison game.

Today I came to the realization that every body is different and that is a great thing. We are all designed differently and that what makes us unique. Yes, you can build muscles, and abs, and create definition in your body, but we are all built a different way. Some people are built slender, they can eat and eat and eat and gain no weight and remain thin. While others are built heavier and with more curves.

I know that I was not built to be skinny. My body has never taken to that and it would take a lot of effort for me to get to the same level as someone who is built slender or someone with a really flat stomach.

Yes, I want to lose weight, and yes, I want to craft a more fit body, but I have to stop comparing myself to others. We are all designed differently and our different compositions make us beautiful and strong. I love having a big booty, it is one of my favorite things about myself, and I can recognize that without comparing it to anyone else.

Focus on embracing the beauty in your differences instead of looking at others as a way to compare your progress. We are all built differently, remember that!

Letting Go


A wonderful friend of mine sent me a journal last week called “Letting Go.” This amazing journal is filled with alternate quotes and blank pages to be filled with things that you are decided to let go. For me, this is an amazing resource.

There are too many amazing things in life to hold onto bad, negative, or hateful thoughts and feelings. I plan to fill these pages with things I need to let go. Page one, my stomach.

I have been hung-up for years that my stomach is not flat enough and that has held me back from wearing cute outfits, swimsuits, and more. I have let my hatred of my stomach make me so uncomfortable that I withdraw from conversations, events, and outings. I become so self-conscious of my midsection that I let it eat away at me.

Well news-flash, it is just a stomach. No more, no less, just a stomach. It is meant to be digesting food, not in knots over my fears of how it looks in a two-piece, or I feel in a form-fitting outfit.

I give it so much power and control over me that is completely unnecessary, so it is time to let it go. Enough with my obsession and shame of it. It is time to let that go and accept that it will always be a part of my body. No matter how committed to working out and eating well I am, I know that I will always find problems with it, so it is time to let it go.

I look forward to letting go of so many other things that don’t serve me or improve my life. It will take time, but I will get there.