When it comes to what I eat I am a pretty stubborn person. I have my own ideas of what I should and shouldn’t eat and I don’t really like prescribing to anyone else’s idea of eating.

But after a few weeks of some pretty dreadful eating I decided to do a detox. I started last Tuesday and found out pretty quickly that it was hard but that I LOVED it. It wouldn’t be difficult if I had my own place instead of living on campus where meal options are pretty limited.

The detox cuts out all processed foods. Canned foods are a no and only gluten free grains. No dairy or chocolate (I know, it’s the worst). But after four days of it, I had to cheat on date night, mostly because I refuse to spend a night out and just get a salad, it is an event worth a delicious meal.

But after just four days of no dairy, or processed food and a diet of mostly lean meats, fruit, veggies, and TONS of water while working out everyday, I felt great. It is truly amazing how poorly we treat our bodies and how quickly we can turn that behavior around.

I have adapted in so that I detox four days a week and am allowed some wiggle room the other three days of the week, but give it a try! It is wonderful to see how great you’ll feel. Here is the link to the detox.


Cherish Yourself

Today I read a quote that said, “love yourself, it will be the first romance of your life.” I think that this quote is vividly accurate, at least for me.

I find myself at a new landscape in my life. My views are different than they once were. They are more hopeful, more brilliant, and overwhelmingly more thankful.

I have never been as in love as I am at this moment in my life. I have met a wonderful man who loves me for me, I am interning at a company that I would gladly spend the rest of my professional career at, and I am approaching college graduation.

My life has never been filled with more promise and uncertainty and that is because last week, while I was completing a detox is hit me. My weight shouldn’t matter. What should matter is how I feel, that I am healthy, and that I am happy.

Last week marked the first week in a long time that I decided to openly accept my body. Last week was the first week that I realized that a number on the scale didn’t actually matter, that what mattered was how I felt.

Life has its ups and downs and uncertainties but I am more thankful today to be on that journey then ever before. I get to live the rest of my life in a soul that I love. My body will change. Age will change me, environment will change me, but my soul is what I get to have for the rest of my life and i am so thankful for that. So very thankful.

Take a moment today and bask in yourself. What do you love about yourself? What would you never give up no matter what? Fight for that, cherish that, because it is a special part of you.