How To Cut Calories Every Day

I stumbled across this segment from #NoExcuses on the Today Show and it really opened my eyes to the little snacks we have every day.

Throughout the course of the day we might not realize that that handful of candy adds up or that that extra sip of juice or milk packs on more calories then you expected.

Check out this awesome video from the Today Show and open your eyes to how you can cut hundreds of calories a day.


Why an Unhealthy Diet Just Won’t Work

Check out this Huffington Post article that is so right about poor diet! I am often times so guilty of this! Do you get trapped in cheat meals and sweet treats too?

I often times forget about eating healthy and justify it by working out but I’ll never have the body I want by doing that. Check out why.

Embarking on a New Journey

I’ve been pretty bad at a few things lately. I’ve been pretty bad at posting and also pretty bad at sticking to a healthy diet.

I’d really like to alter those nasty habits and I think the best way to do so is to start here.

My goal for the New Year is not to lose weight, but to be fitter. I have focused on my weight for so many years and honestly, it has gotten me nowhere. I obsess and stress over it, leaving myself mentally and emotionally drained with no motivation or confidence in myself to move forward.

So this year I am focusing on health and fitness and not on numbers on the scale. While I would love to set the goal to be 15 pounds lighter, I know that instead of focusing on health and fitness I would be adopting unhealthy methods to reach my goals. I want to work on myself and a body as a whole instead of focusing on unhealthy aspects.

I plan to achieve my goals with the use of my new Fitbit along with some dedication to lifting. A good friend of mine has taken to lifting and her results are amazing. I want to focus on my body and myself mentally and emotionally.

After winter break I will be entering my last semester of college, starting an internship at a wonderful nonprofit, and continuing on a journey with a man that I love very much. I have so much to look forward to, and I want to do so in a body that I love and am proud of.

I am excited to embark on this journey and to share more inspiring ways with you.