5 Exercises You Should Be Doing

I found this great little article on Women’s Health Magazine online!  I think that it is great to find small, manageable things to add to your fitness routine.  So try these moves out, because I will be!

5 Exercises You Should Be Doing


15 Fitness Habits You Should Establish

I love this Women’s Health Magazine list of habits that you should establish in your 20s!  It is so refreshing and so accurate.  It is also nice to see that I am already doing quite a few things on this list.  I also need to incorporate a few of these into my life, like embracing the rest day!  I never like taking days off but I know it’ll be better for my body if I do.

Try to incorporate these habits into your routine in order to create a healthier lifestyle.

15 Fit Habits

Workouts Made For Your Body Shape

Workouts Made For Your Body Shape

While reading Shape Magazine online I stumbled across this amazing article that picks out workouts based upon your body shape.  I deemed myself a pear shape and am so excited to try out the workout that it gave me.  It is fun and different and will help me work the part of my body that I love to feel the burn in; my legs and booty!

Check out which workout is made for your body shape!

Olympian Challenge

Olympian Challenge

Well if Olympians are doing this single leg deadlift, then I can incorporate it into my leg day routine too!  I am always looking for ways to mix things up on leg days so that I can continue to work on defining the muscles in my legs and also so that my muscles don’t get too used to my normal routine.  Give this simple move a try!

Aerie Promises Not To Retouch Their Models

Aerie Promises Not To Retouch Their Models

Check out this amazing article.  Aerie, the lingerie company associated with American Eagle, has promised that it will no longer be using supermodels in their advertisements and will only be using real girls.  The tag line is that the real you is sexy.

This is a message that more girls should be embracing.  It is a truly lovely and magical thing that a large, corporate business like American Eagle is making this advertising decision.  They are telling girls that it is ok to be themselves.  They are telling them that their bodies are beautiful the way they are and that they should embrace their bodies.

This message is glorious and special and should be embraced by all of us.  We should love our bodies, because THE REAL YOU IS SEXY.  Revel in the fact that your body, who you are, what you were born into, is real and sexy and natural and that you don’t need to be a supermodel to be beautiful.

Aerie is setting a beautiful and wonderful example for girls and one that speaks volumes about the appropriate body image that we should be setting for girls and young women.  We are not all supermodels and we should not be expected to look that way.  We should embrace the bodies we have, our real bodies, our sexy, natural bodies.