The Things I Need

I believe in wishing on your eyelashes and kissing the time at 11:11 while making a wish. I believe in the whimsy of a wish, but more importantly I believe in the strength of a goal.

I need goals in my life. I need hurdles to overcome and moments to strive for and reasons to celebrate. I need to make myself better every day by striving for something more.

Lately I have not been training for anything in particular, but just training. I have been doing long distance runs and sprints along with weight training and currently I don’t know why.

Well I do know why. I love the high of working out and I also like to be in shape. But what I don’t know is what I’m striving for. I am accepting my body as it is so it is not a race to see the numbers sink on the scale. So what is it?

I need goals. So I am going to put my top three goals for my fitness future on here to hopefully inspire myself to do it.

1. Run a Marathon

After narrowly missing my lifelong dream of running a marathon last year due to a battle with colitis, now I want it more than ever. I know the training is rigorous and tough on my body, but I want to do it. Within the next year I swear!

2. Try a CrossFit Class

I am dying to know what all the fuss is about and I also would love to have some of the muscles those crossfit girls have!

3. Walk/Run for a Charity

I have never done a race for a charity and I would love to compete in that. I want to feel like I am giving back and also doing something that makes a difference.

Challenge yourself to make fitness goals for yourself! Don’t quit until you accomplish them and give yourself a deadline.


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