Healthy Living

Eating healthy is my biggest downfall. I will run as man miles as you ask me to and lift as many days a week as you see fit, but when you tell me to put down the chocolate and practice portion control, I go a little nuts.

I think this all stems from the fact that I have a fairly addictive personality. Fact: I am addicted to running. Tell me I can’t run for a week and you will hear a large groan followed by mental preparations of my runs for the week. I’m not very good with the word no, and the same goes for food.

So when it comes to eating healthy I can usually do pretty good until either mid-afternoon or post-dinnertime. There is something about those two times that leave me wanting to heave my entire body into a bag of chips and follow it up with an entire chocolate cake. Now I can typically curb myself from doing that, but a fair share of donuts have crept into my life just because they’re quick and easy and gone so quickly that it’s almost like you never ate them. This is blatantly false, but still this is how crazy, obsessive people rationalize.

But I honestly do want to commit to eating healthy because I will never achieve the best shape of my life eating chicken quesadillas every weekend. The plan is to write everything down, to always have healthy snacks handy, and to learn how to say no.

The word is only two letters after all so it isn’t really that crazy to use. Just say no to sweets and soon you’ll stop craving them. Say no to a handful of chips at the Mexican restaurant that you and all your friends posted up at and soon you won’t want them.

The key to healthy eating is not necessarily focusing on your goal weight, but how great you feel when you eat good food. My body and my mind are so refreshed when I nourish my body well, and I know that better than anyone.

So commit to kicking your bad habits to the curb and you’ll be exactly where you want to be before you know it!


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