Five Health Downfalls

We all have those fitness and health things that we are just awful at. Whether it is laying off the chocolate or finishing our abs workout, we all have things we don’t like. I’m going to share some of my fitness and health downfalls so maybe you can see where you’re coming up short too and maybe make a change!

1. Stretching

I never stretch after I workout. It is such a bad habit to get into and leaves me sore and tight for days. The problem with not stretching is that I can’t help my muscles heal and elongate. By stretching them I keep them healthy, so I need to work on that.

Try grabbing some ground right after a run and stretching out or even incorporating it into your bedtime routine. Stretch it out before hopping into bed to help limber you up.

2. Finishing my workout

I can have an amazing cardio session and then totally skimp out on core work. I am notorious for leaving the weight room before finishing my arms workout too.

I think the best way to combat that is to pick five moves and make sure they are done when you leave the gym. Don’t necessarily make them your favorite either. Mix it up so that you’re hitting the spots and the routines that you hate.

3. Not hydrating

I never drink enough water. I’ve been trying to get better but I’m not always on top of it.

The key is to make sipping on your water part of all the small habits in your day. When you’re at your desk at work take a swig, or when you wake up drink a glass of water. Stay consistent and drink up! Having a fun water bottle doesn’t hurt too. I like to set goals for myself, like drink seven water bottles and then you can watch some Netflix tonight.

4. Reaching for the sweets

I am always way too quick when I reach for the sweets. My chocolate craving cannot be conquered.

But a good trick is to have a cup of tea or an apple if you’re really craving something sweet. Drink water to avoid your craving helps too! Remember, everything in moderation.

5. Over-working your body

I always push myself too hard. But since my knee injury I have been taking cues from my body. I can’t run back to back days anymore without pain and I have to be aware of that. I also know I need to focus on strength training since cardio gives me a lot of pain.

The key is switching things up. Try yoga or cross fit or swimming. Don’t be exclusive with your workouts.

Try to conquer your downfalls this week!


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