I haven’t written a post in quite some time. I haven’t sat down in front of my keyboard and poured out my heart and soul to you all in quite some time and so now I sit here wondering what to tell you.

Do I tell you about all the wild adventures I’ve had, the knee pain that is making running impossible, the fact that I missed my run on National Running Day, or that my diet is an insane wreck? I have posts in mind for all of those things, but for today I won’t bother with those things. Instead I will tell you about how even though my life, and my routine has gone absolutely haywire, that I am fervently in love with life and that I am embracing the changes.

I have never lived quite like this before. I have never stayed up late laughing with a boy who makes me feel special and wonderful and who has absolutely no qualms with feeding me dessert twice a day. I have never embraced my body so much. I have never looked in the mirror and felt as sexy and confident. I have missed several gym visits and runs and have allowed myself to be dehydrated on more than one occasion.

None of these things are okay, and I should be focusing on taking better care of my body, but my life is changing, I am changing and I have to adapt with it. I would rather stand, fully naked in front of a mirror and feel how I felt today, proud and sexy, and miss a workout then to complete all my workouts and feel how I did three weeks ago about my stomach.

I have changed. It has been crazy and insane and it honestly takes my breath away every single day to think about it. But I am better, I am within a healthier mindset and the adventure yet to come is that I get to find the balance. I get to discover the balance between early five milers and staying in bed to snuggle with some guy who makes me unbelievably happy. I get to find the balance of this new part of my life, and that is pretty wonderful.


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