Be Better

One morning you wake up and it has just happened. You open your eyes and twist amongst your sheets and as your dream state recedes away from you you realize it has happened. You realize that you are different, that you are better, and that you like it here, you like it here in the next step of your life.

You don’t remember when it happened, when the first step you took in this direction became the path that you wanted to take. You don’t remember the first time you picked a run over a Netflix marathon. You don’t remember the first time hill drills sounded like something that you wanted to do, but here you are, doing them.

You don’t remember how you got here but you know it feels good. You know that you like the world much better from here. You like the world better when breathing through healthy lungs and a strong, beating heart. You like life better when you fuel your body with foods that make you feel good and that taste good.

Life just happens. We make choices and suddenly we find ourselves racing through life, becoming the people that we desire to be, and it happens so effortlessly. We become the people that we want to be seemingly overnight. While that is never true, we never lose the weight we want to in one week or shave down our running pace to the desired speed in one day, we do change ourselves in an effort to be better.

Every day do something that will make you better. Run another mile, buy a stranger a cup of coffee, take a friend to lunch. Do something that will alter who you once were into someone that you want to be.

Running has changed me. I am not the weight that I desire to be and my body does not look how I dream for it to look, but I am different. I am better because I know how it feels to lose yourself on a run, to forget that the pavement is beneath you and the skies above you and that there is a world swirling around you. I am better because I know how it feels for my lungs to ache and my knees to throb and my heart to race. I know how it feels to be a runner and that has changed me.

I am glad to be changed. I am glad to have broken free from the person I used to be. I used to be afraid to try new things, to take new steps, to challenge myself. But not since running. Running makes me fearless and free and full of life and love and happiness.

Take the first step. Take the first step towards change, because overnight, before you know it, you will be better than you ever thought you could be.


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