Building My Life

Do you remember the last moment that you ardently loved? Do you remember the last moment when you looked at someone and felt full, felt happy? Do you remember the last time you felt alive?

I do. I remember it so distinctly. It is so clear to me that the love I have for the people in my life is stronger than any muscle in my body.


Last night I spent hours on my roof top deck with my amazing friend Courtney. I don’t know an individual who is more selfless and giving to others and I doubt I will ever find another quite like her in my life. She is strong, driven, caring, and beautiful. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to sit within her presence beneath the stars and just live.


It is in those moments that the value of the most important things in our lives are shown. I value my friends, I value my family, I value my health, and I value the life I am creating for myself.

I’m building something every day that I will get to keep forever. I am building my life. So last night I sat on a roof deck with my best friend and cried over some of the most heartbreaking things about life; about growing up, about leaving our families, about being a human. We cried and we laughed and we reveled in our spot in the world. We had a place, we belonged within the heartbeat of the universe and that felt right. That felt like what building your life should feel like.


This morning I woke up and made my best friend breakfast and that felt right. It felt right to give her something in return for the special mark she leaves on my life. It felt right to cook, to be in my apartment, my first apartment, my first time on my own. It felt right to be in that moment, to be building my life and growing, in slow measured beats that I could feel and hold in my heart. It felt right.


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