Shifting Gears

My life has become undoubtedly crazy since my hospitalization, school ending, and moving into my new apartment. My eating schedule has definitely been thrown off and well my running schedule has been annihilated.

So I have decided to take this glorious Monday, which is teeming with new and fresh possibilities, to shift gears and get myself back on the track that I so desire. For now, my marathon hopes have been placed to the side and I am waiting on a few more tests and the okay from my doctors before I pick them back up and begin again on that journey.

To begin shifting gears I have officially cancelled my registration for my marathon. The doctors said I can’t run it so I can’t run it. It is as simple as that. I would hate to risk permanent damage to my body in the name of a marathon which I have my whole life to run. So I have placed that dream on the back burner for now and will be focusing on new adventures.

I am no longer heartbroken that I cannot run the marathon. I am more saddened by the fact that I cannot indulge in one of my greatest enjoyments and that I have to alter my schedule and life goals. But, life gets in the way and the things that are meant to be will happen, and everything else will find a way.

Instead of my normal running routine, today I will jog the short distance to my gym. I will do this after eating a full breakfast and being very well hydrated, something I never focused on before as a runner. I always just left my house with no worries as to how hydrated I was or how hungry. Well I can’t starve or dehydrate my body any longer.

So after a few large water bottles and a healthy breakfast I plan to run on over to the gym and do the elliptical for a bit. I don’t love the elliptical by any means but it is a form of low impact cardio that won’t tax my body as extremely as running. I might bike as well. Then I am in for real fun because today I will be starting a lifting routine.

During marathon training it was hard to find time in the gym to lift and time outside for my longer runs so I often had to sacrifice lifting. Today, however, lifting, not cardio will be my workout focus. I look forward to gaining some serious muscles!

Life threw me a pretty legitimate curveball. It may have been a sign to slow down, to switch gears, to change things up. So I am taking it as such. I will not let this one little hiccup interrupt my life goals and the things that make me happy. I will not stop doing the things I love, leading a healthy and fit life, come to an end because of an angry colon. I will continue to be myself and work hard to keep the things in my life that make me happy, regardless of how difficult or stressful it may be. I want to build the happiest and most beautiful life possible and I plan to do that with a full heart and eyes that are clear and knowing of the greatness that is to come.


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