Boston Strong

Today I ran for Boston.

Today I ran for the toughest, strongest, and most resilient city that exists. I ran for a city who faced tragedy one year ago today and stood up and fought back. I ran for the people who can no longer run. I ran for those whose lives were taken in the Boston Marathon Bombing last year. I ran for my city and for my people.

One year ago today marks the Boston Marathon Bombing. I remember where I was when the bombs went off. I remember who I was talking to, a runner who had just completed the 26.2 mile trek, and I remember hearing the explosions and not knowing how quickly my life was about to change.

That day forever connected me to the City of Boston. That day forever made me a part of the fabric of this city. That day is what crafted the response of a city and its people that could not have been more magical or more powerful. That day I fell in love with Boston.

Every day since then I have fallen more in love with this city. Every day I fall more in love with its beauty, its strength, its ability to adapt and overcome. Being a part of this city has made me better, has made my life fuller, and has made me happier.

Today I ran by the finish line. I ran by where the bombs went off and where people lost their lives and I felt so much emotion. I took out my headphones and I ran. I ran proudly. I ran for my city and for its people and for all the people who will never run again because of that day. Today I ran for Boston and I am so proud to be a part of this city.

Boston Strong forever and always.



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