Marathon Training Week One: COMPLETE!

So I did it.  I have officially completed one full week of my marathon training plan.

This week I logged 43.3 miles.  I ran every single day this week, including a ten mile run this morning.  A run that kept with my goal pace of 8 minute miles.  A run that I completed at a pace that would easily beat my first half marathon time.

I was very proud when I completed my run this morning.  I was proud that I did it and that not once, not for a single second during my run did I consider stopping.

I have been a runner for many years.  I have always run and trained and worked hard, but I have also always quit on myself.  I have always done that.  I have always let my mind beat me into stopping and walking.  I have always quit on my body and on myself, but not today, and not ever again.

This week I learned a very valuable lesson about myself.

I am better.  I am better then I used to be.  I am a better runner.  I am a better person.  I am doing a better job at loving and believing in myself.  Running makes me better.

This week I learned what it means to commit to something.  I’ve never been in a serious relationship, I am a serial dieter and diet-breaker with the best of them, so I guess you could say, the only thing I’ve ever really been committed to was fitness.

I have always run.  I have always played sports, I have always been an athlete.  But this week, I put my runs, and more importantly, my goals, above everyone else’s.  This week I made, at least part of my life, completely about me.  I ran for me.  Every day I ran for myself and my goals and that was what was most rewarding about this week.

Yes, I am sore. My knees don’t want to ever talk to me again, and my left foot enjoys reminding me of its unhappiness every time I walk in unsupportive shoes, but, I am happy.  Exhausted, yes, but happy nonetheless.

I am better because of the 43.3 miles I traveled this week.  I am better because of the hours I spent on the streets hustling my booty off.  I am better because I did it for me, and that is a magical and beautiful thing that I will take into my next marathon training week.


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