Grab Ahold of Today

Start every day knowing that it is a new opportunity to be great.

This morning is my first day back from Spring Break and I can’t wait to get settled back into my routine, but what I really mean is to get settled into my new and improved routine.

Starting yesterday I began dedicating myself to my health and fitness goals in a new and more committed way.  Yesterday I went for a 4.1 mile run in the beautiful city of Boston followed up by some wonderful health food shopping.  Then I focused on getting done what I needed to get done so that I can avoid extra stress in my life.  Then I hit the gym, hard.  I ran and did sprints and absolutely destroyed my legs because I hadn’t had a leg day in awhile.  It was great.  I also ate really well and felt great, and I woke up this morning feeling great.

I have decided that even though I’m a little too scared to run the streets of Boston at 5 am that I am still gonna wake up and make time for some sort of workout.  So, this morning I did stairs in my building.  My legs were killing me and I was sweating up a storm but it was a great way to start the day.

Starting now, I am focusing on each day and how every day is a new day.  A new day with different challenges and joys and things that will make me smile.  A new day with hope and hardships.  A new day that is waiting for me to make something of it, to splash some paint upon it’s empty canvas.

Today is new.  It is different and special, and most importantly, it is yours.  So grab ahold of today and fight to make it unique and wonderful and everything you want it to be, because it is yours.


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