You Only Live Once

I am sure that the term “YOLO” is not foreign to you.  The phrase, which stands for “you only live once” has been spreading like wildfire.  It has allowed for people to do foolish things and act crazy, all in the name of only having one life.  I, personally, have come to abhor the phrase, but today, while riding an elevator with a guy who I have the biggest crush on and who I would easily describe as the perfect man, I realized that I only live once.

I only get one life.  I only get to live once.  I only get the chance to live deliberately, and love ardently once.  I only get the chance to create a beautiful life once, so I better make it the most spectacular life I’ve ever witnessed.

We only get one shot to say all the things we want to say.  We only get once chance to love all the people we want to love.  We only get one chance to run all the miles we want to run.  We only get one chance to eat all the beautiful, healthful food in the world.  We only get one chance.  One.  So make it beautiful.

Ask out that boy who warms your heart every, single time you see him.  Travel all over the place while you still have the chance.  Visit the places you want to visit, run the miles you want to run, dance the dances you want to dance, live the life you want to live.

Live, live, live, live.  You only get to live once, so just live.  Live deliberately, love fully, and don’t waste a second of your life doing something you don’t love.  You only live once, but if you do it right, once will always be enough.


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