Body Detox

Recently I talked to a friend of mine about doing a detox diet.  She had just completed one and had really enjoyed the process.  She said that she had felt wonderful and healthful the whole time and that her body really enjoyed the change.

Now, I have always viewed detox diets as a negative thing.  I always saw them as too extreme and often times dangerous.  But, I decided to look into the one that my friend had recently completed, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

The detox seemed like a healthy option and a great way to help clear out the toxins in your body.  For me, it seems like a great way to administer a “shock to my system” so that I can start back on a healthy eating plan after having ingested so much junk food lately.

I am going to try the detox below and am hopeful that it will really help my body reset itself and make me feel better.  I have to admit that cutting out oatmeal for a week will be difficult (it is my favorite food), but come Monday, I am willing to try and am very excited about it.

7 Day Detox


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