Holiday Health

It’s that time of year again.  That time of year that is filled with holiday parties and large family gatherings.  All of these parties and events have one thing in common, they are stuffed to the brim with junk food.  During this time of year it seems that everywhere you turn there is a mountain of cookies or tins of fudge.  Every party includes chips and salsa or macaroni and cheese and everyone around you is partaking in this holiday junk food.  It’s easy to give in to these junk food opportunities, especially during this time of year.  And, it’s ok.

That’s right, it’s ok to eat that Christmas cookie that your grandma baked for you or to eat some of that wonderful mashed potato that your mom made for you.  It’s ok to go off track.  It’s ok to enjoy the holidays and also a few sweets along the way.  Just remember that you are not defined by this holiday season.  Remember that these few weeks do not define who you are.

I have been surrounded by junk food recently.  I think that there are roughly 4 million Christmas cookies in my house at this very moment in fact.  So yes, I have indulged in a cookie or a piece of fudge and yes even a slice of pizza at a party, and while I prefer not to eat junk food on a regular basis, I refuse to beat myself up for it.  One cookie does not define who I am.

I am not defined as a person by what I eat during the holidays.  I am not defined by a large dinner or a large piece of cake a few times a year.  I am instead defined by the daily choices I make that create who I am and my lifestyle.

I make an effort to go to the gym everyday.  I make an effort to eat healthy everyday.  I make an effort to treat my body well everyday.  So if every once in awhile I go off the track that my health goals are on, it is not the end of the world.

Don’t beat yourself up over the holiday health slump.  It happens, we have bad days.  We all have days when we eat the cookie or when we choose the slice of pizza over the salad, and we need to remember that that doesn’t define us.  We are not who we are because of the occasional choices we make, because of the once in awhile indulgence, we are who we are because of the life we create and the daily choices we make.

So don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t make yourself feel bad or worthless or awful because you ate a cookie.  You are wonderful.  You are working hard to become the person you want to be, and it’s ok to have an off day, just don’t stop.  Don’t let one day with seven cookies become a week with seven cookies everyday.  Choose to live your life filled with health and love for yourself and remember that it’s the daily choices you make that define who you are, not the cookie you ate at the last holiday party.


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