It is a true testament to humanity that we love.  We have the capability to love others and to love ourselves so fully and deeply that it is truly stunning.

I make it a point to love everyday.  I love my family and my life and the way I look in the mirror at the gym when I am caked in sweat.  I love the little cousins that I will get to wrap in hugs tonight at my annual family Christmas party.  I love my body and the strength it holds to carry and support me each day.  I love my life.

Yes, I have bad days.  Yes I have days when I am angry with my family, or my friends, or myself, but I still pause to love. When a boy breaks my heart I always pause to love the people who are there to fix me up and help me feel whole again.  I always pause to love those who cherish my heart as deeply as I do.

When I want to scream at my mother for being so close-minded I pause to find love.  Love for the life she gave me and the time she spent raising me.  I pause to find love because I am human and I need that love to thrive, to survive, to live here in this time and in this place.

I love because I am alive.  I am living and breathing right here in this world with all of you and that is the best excuse to love.  If I have the opportunity to love, the capacity to love, why wouldn’t I?  Why would I refuse myself and others the purest form of happiness, the purest form of nourishment within our lives here on Earth?  I wouldn’t.

I urge you to love.  I urge you to give in to that wildly human instinct that pushes us to love.  It is natural to love.  It is natural to crave love.  It is natural to love yourself.  Don’t quit on love.  Don’t stop loving when it’s difficult or not fruitful.  Love because you can.  Love because every morning you rise with the opportunity to give so much love, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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