Make Your Life Beautiful

I want to create a beautiful life.  I want to surround myself by things that I adore, by things that take my breath away, by things that make me smile.  I want to live the type of life that makes me see joy in everything and makes me bask in the happiness that I have made.

When I think of a beautiful life I think of doing things that make me happy.  I see myself working out and training for that marathon that I have always wanted to conquer.  I see myself volunteering at local schools to teach kids how to have fun and get fit at the same time.  I see myself writing, writing about what gives me passion: fitness.

I want to create a life that is beautiful for me.  A life that is full of happiness and pride over what I have accomplished and what I have created.

So, look at your life.  Look at the parts that you love and couldn’t spend a day without, and promise to keep them.  Look at the parts that make you feel whole and hold onto them.  Look to the people who make you smile and laugh and love and carve out a place for them in your heart and in your life.

Fall in love with the beauty of your life and don’t let go of it.  I want my life to be surrounded by beauty and so I will make it so.  Today I commit myself to beauty and basking in the happy glow that it casts upon my life.


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