Keep On Running, Keep On Running

This morning I had the most amazing run.  It was my first run at home since coming back for Thanksgiving break.

Two things that you need to understand about where I’m from is that it is cold and it is hilly.  These two things paired with the fact that I haven’t run outside since August and the fact that it was pouring rain outside had me convinced that I was about to embark on the worst run of my life.  Far from it.

As soon as my feet hit the pavement I felt alive.  Every stride had my soul begging for more.  I had only planned on running two miles, but with the rain pelting me hard and my heartbeat in my ears I couldn’t resist the open road in front of me, it felt too appealing.

So I slid effortless through the rain and the 32 degree weather, feeling full of bliss and joy and happiness the entire time.  My legs jutted out in front of me craving the soaking pavement beneath my feet, asking for more and more.  I hadn’t had such a lovely feeling in so long.

Lately my workouts have felt forced.  I have been dragging myself to the gym and not enjoying a single minute of it.  I have been annoyed with working out instead of embracing it, but not today.

Today I felt like I was part of the heartbeat of the world.  I felt like I belonged to running, that it owned me.  It felt like I was captured by fitness and a happier captive had never existed.

So at the end of my 3+ mile run, including half a mile of the steepest hill you’ll likely ever encounter, I felt brilliant.  I felt so wonderful and it reminded me to enjoy the time I put into fitness because it is time that I am putting into my life.  I exchange valuable time for runs and lifting sessions and workouts so I should embrace them and make them a part of my life that I treasure.

Today I adored running.  Today I fell in love with running all over again.  So, when you hit a wall with your workouts simply remember, to keep on running, keep on running.


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