Amy Robach Cancer Diagnosis

Amy Robach Cancer Diagnosis

After reading this story it made me realize that the importance of taking care of your body goes far beyond eating right and exercising.  When it comes to leading a healthy life you must take care of yourself in all aspects.

Taking care of yourself includes mental health, check-ups, yearly screenings, dentist appointments, and doctors appointments.  All of these things make up a healthy life.  It is not just about choosing a banana over a muffin or a run over a television show.  It is also about choosing to put yourself and your body first.

Don’t let the hectic movements of life allow you to skip a visit to the doctor or a session with your psychiatrist.  Make time for you and the things that make your life healthy.

It’s easy to focus on the day to day choices; working out, eating well, sleeping enough, drinking water.  But it isn’t always easy to look at the big picture.  Don’t forget.  Don’t forget to check on your overall health while also checking your weight or calorie intake.  Don’t forget to plan a mammogram while also planning your next half marathon.

Don’t forget all the parts that make you healthy, don’t forget the big picture in regards to health.


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