The 21 Most Inspiring Health and Fitness Mantras
Running makes me happy.  Talking to my dad makes me happy.  Watching the West Wing in my bed on Sunday nights makes me happy.  Working out makes me happy.  Laughing loudly makes me happy.  Eating healthy makes me happy.  Hugging my best friend makes me happy.  Loving others makes me happy.
There are so many simply, wonderful and brilliant things in life that make you happy.  They can be so small, like smiling at a stranger or getting your favorite drink, but if they make you happy do them.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the things that make you happy.
If it makes you happy and is good for you then do it.  Love makes me happy.  Sex makes me happy.  A really great salad makes me happy.  An amazing workout makes me happy.  Sharing moments with my family makes me happy.  If it makes you happy it is worth your time.  It is worth every second that you can dedicate to it.
You deserve to be happy.  So do the things that make you happy.  Embrace them, cherish them, love them, and let them be the biggest and brightest part of your life.

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