Don’t Stop, Get it, Get it

You might be wondering why my blog is entitled, “Don’t Stop, Get it, Get it.”  The answer is very simple.  This is the phrase that I run my life by.  I say these words nearly everyday.

This phrase serves as a reminder for me to never give up on my goals and to just keep going.  Whenever I am having a tough time getting through a workout or choosing a healthier meal option I always repeat this mantra to myself.  For me it is about fighting for what I want the most, and not just what I want right now.

I never wanna stop rising early for the gym just because I had a late night with friends or writing a paper.  So when I’m snuggled under my comforter at 6:45am, groaning when my alarm goes off, I just say, “don’t stop, get it, get it.”

This phrase is what motivates me to accomplish my goals and I hope it does the same for you.


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